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The Story of Den.

Howdy. I am Den Legaspi, aka Arc & Type - graphic designer and art director.

I love being a designer, I really I love what I do! As a kid, I have always made things, combined things, taken things apart and rebuilt them in a different way. I have always been curious and imaginative, unafraid to try or rethink things. It is part of what makes me great at what I do.

I have a broad range of work experience that transcends a studio or marketing office. I have worked as a motorcycle mechanic, in a bakery, as a barista, as indie music aficionado, and an IT geek. I am a skilled restorer of things from engines to guitars, and can delve deep into discovery and research. I am artistic, mechanical, and analytical.

All of this makes me a talented and well-rounded designer with art director and management chops. I enjoy the creative process, discussing ideas, background research, and turning all of that into something visually arresting. I see the details without losing the big picture and I can hit the ground running. I can make things happen, complete projects, work a budget, and turn deadlines!

Powers for Good.

My concentration now is working with nonprofits, individual artists, community organizations, eco- or local businesses/entrepreneurs, educators and teaching institutions to assist in building visual brands or campaigns, or simply knocking out a great flyer. No artistic vision or ideal pursuit is too big or too small, no job is too big or too small.

Are you an artist, nonprofit, or business trying to make a difference in the world and need design help? Contact Me!

I have worked with the Asian American Pacific Islander Cultural Center, The Brattle Film Foundation, The Queer Cultural Center, Legal Aid At Work, Playwrights Foundation, artEquity, Family Builders, The Garage, SF Organizing Network for Education, BirchBark Foundation, Freshmeat Productions, Standford School of Humanities and Sciences, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, Outlook Theater Project, Stop AIDS, Our Family Coalition, Palm Center of UCSB, Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project, Stop AIDS, San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, Queer Rebels, RADAR Productions, Sharon Arts Studio, SF HIV (San Francisco Department of Public Health), and many more. I was the Art Director of California Shakespeare Theater, and I am the current Art Director at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley.

Why Arc & Type?

It's a play on the word "archetype", using elements of actual design — arc (curve of a line) and type (font). Originating from the Greek words: archein , meaning original; and typos, which means pattern,“original pattern” or prototype. In ideal form an archetype is the "perfect example" for which other things are based upon. Arc & Type is based on striving for the best design, the full concept. Design that is perfect for it's intended use, design with intent as well as beauty.


The Nitty Gritty.

Den Legaspi Resume


Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art - San Francisco State University, CA


Studio-trained for print and digital design, color correction, publishing, hand-build skills, and full production.

Cross-platform trained on applications. IT trained for multi-platforms.

Adobe CC Graphic Suite
InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop 90%
Adobe CC Digital Suite
After Effects / Premiere 75%

Updated training and education in email / social / web platforms to include applications and intergrations.

Web Design
XD / Dreamweaver / WordPress / Wix / Squarespace / etc 85%
FB / Insta / Twitter / etc 70%
Email Campaign & Newsletter
Mailchimp / Wordfly / etc 70%

Other skills include lead and supervisory experience, file protocol and archiving, photography, project management software and apps (Asana, Basecamp, Trello, etc), online form creation and integration (Smart Sheets, Jotform, etc).

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley

Art Director 06/2020 - present

On staff art director responsible for overall design aesthetic and creating a new visual brand identity. This will include a redesign of the website, rebranding the organization, as well as designing organization-wide assets (programs, reports, posters, signage, ads, banners, etc.).  Other duties include project management, vendor negotiation, supervision of contractors, team leadership, and pushing to utilize channels of alternate marketing to diversify and reach new audiences.

California Shakespeare Theater

Art Director 03/2015 - 06/2020

On staff art director responsible for overall design aesthetic and visual brand identity. Included the redesign of the website, rebranding the organization, as well as designing organization-wide assets (programs, reports, posters, signage, ads, banners, etc.).  Other duties included project management, budget management, vendor negotiations, supervision of contractors and jr. designers, and even the occasional photography.

Arc & Type


Contract art direction and design, marketing and branding for artists, art and film festivals, book publishers, magazines & newspapers, nonprofit organizations, and eco & local business.

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