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Extraordinary Invention
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Want to scale walls, jump ravines, and make a serious statement with your visuals?  Here I am, Den Legaspi, an Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area-based graphic artist who is adept in all facets of design and creation.  Innovative, efficient, and incredibly able — a designer extraordinaire!

From commercial to nonprofit, I have worked on print and digital designs, digital illustrations and logo designs, web designs and social campaigns, promotional materials, branding kits, packaging, production, video and more.  I have experience with budget & vendor management, team & designer supervision, concept pitching, and branding and marketing.  I have worked as an associate designer, production manager, senior designer, and art director as well as a contractor and consultant.

I am now dedicated to designing for the arts, nonprofits, community organizations, individual artists/musicians/performers, and small/eco businesses. I am currently serving as the Art Director of TheatreWorks Silicon Valley with room on my dance card for new projects! 


Bullseye Graphic Design / Art Direction

Racing the motordome, barnstorming, wheeling!

graphic design

Design with beauty & intent,
form & function. Designs to
make you stand out.

the spark

Do you need digital or print or both? Posters or web banners, logos or brochures, Insta Stories or trailers, printed book or web design? I can do it all!

art direction

Seeing the details while never losing site of the big picture. Managing, producing, delivering.

gearing up

From full campaign design to managing, pitching, & coordinating with teams, vendors, boards, and more. Smart branding & marketing skills to boot!

socially conscious

Using my powers of invention & design to make the world a better place. Big design for everyone.

landing the jump

Designing for nonprofits, arts organizations, LBGTQ+ folks, POC orgs, eco-friendly businesses, and individual artists — I love my work!

Let's Get to Work!

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