Generations of Power

Generations of Power

APICC 2022 Festival Design

After conversations with Artistic Director Melanie Elvena a design concept for the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center's annual arts festival celebration was conceived. One of the key components was to create a lockup for the 25th anniversary theme that could be used widely as a branding element.

Since the festival is comprised of several different artists a single composite images was created. While the festival lockup utilizes the idea of a tree to signify the 25 years, the "tree" of older artists and that their work allows for the "blossoming" of new artists. The design suite included posters, outdoor banners, web / social banners, and videos.

BONUS: During design process for the festival lockup, I initiated a redo of the organization's logo. I updated the original design I made to make it modern, clean, and more timeless.

Music: excerpt from Teresa Wong.  Spoken excerpts from The Last Hoisan Poets.  With final soundscape and mix created by Den.


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